While television continues to be the most potent mass media, it’s important to note the change in how consumers are viewing. An all-new (and growing) Multi-Screen audience is watching TV while simultaneously using internet-ready devices such as tablets and smartphones.

How are viewers using those devices? Our research shows that:

  • Most Multi-Screen activities occur during TV commercial breaks.
  • During this time, Multi-Screeners are primarily watching online video, engaging in social media, and/or browsing the web.

With so many distractions and advertising messages competing for the attention of your potential customer, how can your business possibly break through?

 ZoupMedia specializes in Multi-Screen marketing. Our strategic, blended approach coordinates various medias and methods to capture and engage your audience on a multitude of platforms. Best of all, your comprehensive media plan is designed to give you more return without increasing your budget. You may even be able to reduce your budget!

Depending on your business and your goals, ZoupMedia can:

  • Build awareness and interest in your products and services with Television and/or Radio.
  • Reinforce broadcast messages with online videos and banner ads, so customers can contact you or purchase instantly.
  • Improve search rankings with Pay Per Click & Search Engine Marketing, allowing customers to find your website quickly and easily.
  • Speak to consumers one-on-one via Direct Mail, which is still a strong method for certain industries and demographics.

And so much more. So what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your advertising! Contact ZoupMedia.